Earth’s Goodies is a complete cannabinoid and terpene product designed specifically for pets. Developed in collaboration with scientists, medical researchers, and veterinarians.

Earth’s Goodies provides you with supreme CBD products for your pets: A UNIQUE FORMULATION OF HEMP’S CANNABINOIDS, TERPENES, AND FLAVONOIDS THAT REALLY WORKS!

Our mission is to help pets feel happy, healthy and full of vitality. Earth’s Goodies products offer a natural way to improve your pet’s quality of life.

All our products are formulated to meet pets’ specific needs and are perfectly safe to use alongside any medications, supplements, or with any special diets. Earth’s Goodies products are 100% natural, free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, GMO & Grain free.


100% natural

GMO Free

Grain free + Hypoallergenic
(unique protein source)

No Additives or