Functional treats for dogs LAMB, 50g

Unique formulation based on full-spectrum certified organic industrial hemp contains cannabinoids, including naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD). Our tasty goCBD treats contain lamb – a nutrient rich, easily digestible protein and are grain free which makes them perfect for dogs with sensitivities and allergies. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that offers numerous health benefits and overall wellness. Curcumin also provides potent antioxidant and hepatoprotective activity.

Fresh Lamb 71%, Hemp Oil 0.5%, Curcumin 2%.
33 mg of CBD in total per packaging 50g.

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 19%, Crude Oil and Fats: 22%, Crude Fibre: 1%, Crude Ash: 8.9%, Omega 3: 0.2%, Omega 6: 0.65%.

Feeding directions per day

Curcumin’s liver-protective effect is due in large part to its ability to scavenge free radicals. But curcumin also enhances the animal’s natural antioxidant system by increasing the level of glutathione, thereby aiding liver detoxification and inhibiting nitrosamine formation. In numerous animal studies, curcumin has shown the ability to help maintain healthy intestinal mucosa under various adverse conditions. Among the effects noted in the various trials have been decreased nuclear factor-kappaB, nitric oxide, and free radicals in the colonic mucosa.